About Us

HempSol was founded on the belief that hemp is a crucial turning point, not only for the future of healing, but the future of our planet.

Our Belief

Hempsol was founded on the belief that cannabinoids are the future of healing. Our passion is driven by the exciting possibilities cannabinoids hold to help heal & promote a powerful avenue for holistic lifestyle support. Through our own experiences and grasp of continuing advancements, we will tirelessly pursue this powerful avenue for holistic lifestyle support.  As science develops, so do we, in order to remain on the frontline of innovation.


At Hempsol we have a tailored approach for each individual customer. It's our knowledgeable staff's top priority to provide the community with the best CBD products available, while ensuring they meet compliance standards. Items are tested by third-party accredited labs and come with certificates of analysis confirming that a regulated product meets certain specifications. Our customers can be confident we’ve done the work for them so that everything we provide is to the highest quality.


Though CBD is not regulated by the FDA, there are steps that you can take while shopping to find high-quality products. Our expertise in this area does the leg work for you.  We carefully scour ingredients (including non-cannabinoid additives), net quantity for cannabinoid content, production and expiration dates, instructions on how to use the product, suggested serving size or dosing information, as well as warnings or contradictions. We verify the products' cannabinoid content, purity, and safety so you can be confident in your choices.


We know that competitive pricing is important to you. By recognizing quality ingredients, effective extraction methods, and fair market pricing, we can weed out all of the ineffective and overpriced options, offering only the best.

Our Team

At Hempsol, each member of our staff is committed to helping those we serve find the CBD products that best address their unique needs and lifestyle. With our strict standards for only offering the highest quality products & our knowledgeable staff that’s committed to your happiness & healing. You can rest assured that you’ve come to the right place.


HempSol is an oasis for those seeking natural wellness options. The atmosphere is welcoming, and the staff's knowledge ensures a comfortable space to explore personalized solutions. Their dedication to quality and privacy is very evident. Highly recommended!


This place is amazing!!!! Great prices and a huge selection. As someone who struggles with Crohn’s, the cbd here is super high quality and helps my stomach significantly. They also have a super sweet staff!!! I love this place :)


This store is elite. From an in depth product knowledge to clearly communicating highlights and nuance of experience - I feel so confident in every purchase. And literally everyone here is like, the nicest person I’ve ever met. Never a bad time at this shop. So glad you folks are here.

Letter From The Founder

James Mackenzie, founder of HempSol, discovered the holistic benefits of cannabis when helping his mother overcome health issues with organically grown hemp and THC oil. Reflecting on her improved well-being, Mackenzie entered the cannabis field, challenging its federal classification. He emphasizes HempSol's distinct approach, prioritizing education, individualized care, and ongoing cannabinoid research. Mackenzie states, "It's not Snake Oil. It works. There is no denying it." HempSol strives to be an education destination, offering trust and service beyond typical cannabis stores.