Rozy 1.25” Pink Cones


Rozy pink cones are guaranteed to stand out! The bright pink packaging immediately attracts the eye against a sea of orange, tan, and blue rolling paper and cone boxes. The pretty pink papers are great for holidays and make great gifts. 

  •  ROZY | Rozy is a charitable brand dedicated to supporting breast cancer research.  
  •  1 ¼ | These are 1 ¼ size pre-rolled cones. They hold up to 0.75g of flower and are ideal for personal smoke sessions. 
  •  6-PACK | Each coffin-shaped pack includes 6 cones. These are stacked neatly inside and include a packing stick for even packing. 
  •  PACKAGING | Rozy products are packaged in vibrant pink packaging. The rose logo is easily distinguishable.