SleepEZ Pillows


Each SleepEZ Pillow comes infused with our proprietary Ultimate Natural Sleep Blend to help you relax after a long day and get a better night's rest.


Most people find that 1-2 chews about 30-60mins BEFORE their bed time is plenty enough to get them to sleep and help them wake up feeling refreshed. If you need more, feel free to eat more! Even if you eat 5 you will still be under the maximum recommended dose of any of our ingredients.

10mg CBD per gummy

Our blend contains microdose amounts of the following all-natural ingredients that help you get to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed!
+ Hemp Derived CBD (0.00% THC)
+ 5-HTP
+ L-Theanine
+ Chamomile Extract
+ Melatonin (Only 1 mg / dose)