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At HempSol, we understand that your pet's well-being is of utmost importance. That's why we offer a premium selection of CBD products specially formulated for your beloved furry friends. Our carefully curated collection of CBD products for pets is designed to promote their overall health and support their vitality in a natural and safe way.

CBD for Pets


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Lazarus Naturals Classic Pet CBD tincture. 120ml. Amber Bottle White and Blue packaging.
Lazarus Naturals Classic Pet Tincture. 30ml. Amber Bottle White and Blue Label.
Lazarus Naturals
Calming CBD Pet Tincture
From $25.00
Lazarus Naturals Wild Salmon pet CBD Tincture. 120ml Amber Bottle White and Red packaging.
Lazarus Naturals Wild Salmon Pet Tincture. 30ml. Amber Bottle Red and white packaging.
Lazarus Naturals
Salmon CBD Pet Tincture
From $25.00
Lazarus Naturals CBD Dog Chew Joint Support Salmon. White and Green Package.
Treatibles Calm Dog Treats, Green and Black bag
Treatibles Balance hard dog treats, pumpkin flavor, orange and black bag 4mg CBD
Hard Dog Chews
From $24.00
Head and Heal Small Dog CBD Pet tincture, green and amber bottle
Head and Heal
Small Dog CBD Oil
Head and Heal hard dog treats Peanut Butter flavor, green and tan package
Head and Heal
CBD Dog Treats Peanut Butter
Head and Heal Medium dog pet tincture, green and amber bottle
Head and Heal
Medium Dog CBD Oil
Cbd oil for large dogs
Head and Heal
CBD Oil for Large Dogs
cbd oil for pets
Head and Heal
CBD Cat Oil
Head and Heal Bacon Cheddar Dog Treats. Green and pink package.
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Why CBD for Your Pet?

CBD for pets may offer various potential health benefits, including:
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Anxiety Relief

CBD may help alleviate anxiety and stress in pets, promoting a sense of calm and well-being.
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Pain Management

CBD can aid in managing pain and inflammation in pets, particularly for those suffering from joint pain, arthritis, or other discomforts.
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Improved Mobility

CBD may contribute to improved mobility and flexibility in pets, enhancing their overall quality of life, especially for older or active pets.
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Support for Skin and Coat:

CBD products can support healthy skin and a glossy coat for pets, helping to alleviate skin issues and maintain a shiny, lustrous fur appearance.

Our Range of CBD Products for Pets

CBD Oil for Pets

Discover our premium CBD oil formulated to help your pet manage stress, promote relaxation, and support their overall well-being. Our CBD oils are available in different concentrations, making it easier to find the perfect dosage for your pet.

CBD Treats for Pets

Indulge your furry companion with our delicious CBD-infused treats, specially crafted to provide a tasty and convenient way to incorporate CBD into their daily routine. These treats are not only a delightful snack but also an excellent way to support their health.

CBD Topicals for Pets

Explore our soothing CBD-infused topicals designed to provide localized relief and promote comfort for your pet's muscles and joints. These topicals are easy to apply and are created with the well-being of your pet in mind.

How to Choose the Right CBD Product for Your Pet

Consider Your Pet's Needs

Assess your pet's specific requirements and consult with your veterinarian if necessary to determine the most suitable CBD product.

Dosage Guidance

Follow the recommended dosage instructions provided with each product. Start with a small dosage and observe how your pet responds before adjusting the amount.

Product Quality

We prioritize products that undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure purity, potency, and overall quality.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD for Pets

When administered properly and in appropriate doses, CBD is generally considered safe for pets. However, it's essential to consult with a veterinarian before incorporating CBD into your pet's routine, especially if your pet is currently on any medication or has underlying health issues.

CBD can be suitable for various pets, including dogs, cats, and even some small mammals. However, the appropriate dosage may vary depending on the type of pet, its size, and specific health conditions. Consult a veterinarian to determine the correct CBD product and dosage for your pet.

CBD may help pets with issues such as anxiety, stress, inflammation, joint pain, and digestive problems. It can also promote overall well-being and help maintain a sense of balance for your pet's endocannabinoid system.

CBD for pets comes in various forms, including treats, tinctures, and oils. The method of administration depends on your pet's preferences and the specific product. Follow the instructions provided with the product or consult with your veterinarian for the best way to administer CBD to your pet.

When selecting a CBD product for your pet, consider factors such as the product's potency, ingredients, and the reputation of the manufacturer. Opt for products that have undergone third-party testing to ensure quality and safety for your beloved pet.

It is not recommended to use human CBD products for pets. Pet-specific CBD products are formulated with the appropriate dosage and ingredients tailored to your pet's specific needs. Using human CBD products for pets may result in incorrect dosing and may contain ingredients that are harmful to animals.

While side effects are rare, some pets may experience mild symptoms such as drowsiness or dry mouth. Monitoring your pet closely after administering CBD is essential. If you notice any adverse effects, discontinue use and consult your veterinarian.

The appropriate dosage of CBD for your pet depends on various factors, including the pet's size, weight, and specific health needs. It's crucial to consult a veterinarian who can recommend the correct dosage based on your pet's individual characteristics and health conditions.