Ooze BOLT USB Charger



  • Ooze Bolt Charger 
  • 30ct Tub 
  • 510 Thread Charging 
  • Type-C Port on Side 
  • Rapid Charge 
  • LED Indicator Light 
  • Auto Shut-Off 
  • Overcharge Protection 
  • Preserves Battery Cells 
  • All Black Chargers

The type-c charging port provides a faster charge than charging directly with the 510 thread. Screw the charger on the top of the 510 battery, and plug a type-c cable into the side. Plug the other end of the cable into the wall adapter, and enjoy a faster charge with the overcharge protection of the Bolt charger. It will shut off automatically when the device reaches 100% to preserve the battery cells. 

Do NOT attempt to charge two batteries at once with the Bolt charger. Only one current of energy flows through the charger, and it will not work to charge two at once.