PAX - Plus Vaporizer


The ultimate dual-use, portable vaporizer. PAX Plus brings the best out of your flower and concentrates in smooth sessions without any harsh smoke.

The PAX Plus comes with standard accessories like mouthpieces, wire brush, and USB charge cable. Complete Kit goes a step further with accessories for concentrates, smaller bowl size, and easy maintenance.

How to Use:

With the PAX PLUS, it's easy. Simply grind your herb to a medium-coarse consistency and pack it tightly into the oven. Press and release the mouthpiece to turn on. Wait for the X to turn on, then draw gently to produce the vapor and enjoy.

The PAX Plus has four built-in Experience Modes, which activate automatically when you bring the device to your lips. Choose between different combinations of flavor and vapor:

  • Stealth - Minimizes visible vapor, dims LEDs & vibration settings for ultimate discretion.
  • Efficiency - Optimizes vapor production and conserves flower for a session.
  • Flavor - Highlights the subtleties of your flower’s flavor with on-demand vapor.
  • Boost - Provides maximum vapor production, ideal for concentrates.

All can be accessed with the push of a button in the mouthpiece. Just long-press it for 2 seconds and release to enter Experience Modes, then quick press to cycle through each one. You can “set” the Experience Mode by long-pressing again or shaking the device.