Pulsar Batteries - DL 1.0


Keep your puffs on the down low with the Pulsar 510 DL Auto-Draw Vape Pen. This low-key device has a sleek and slim exterior that gives it the appearance of a traditional disposable vape. The original color line's outer shell is made from quality metal, while the new thermochromic color line is constructed from durable plastic that has a heat-reactive coating.

But wait! Remove the magnetic base and attach your 510 threaded cartridges for subtle hits on the go.

The DL Vape Pen even takes it a step further by granting users full control through the power of breath. Power the pen on and off with 5 quick puffs and change the voltage settings with just 3 quick puffs. The DL also has a pre-heat mode which can be activated with 2 short puffs to prepare your carts for the next rip.

With the DL, you can blend in when you want to and stand out when you don't.

Cartridge Note: Fits cartridges up to 11.5MM Diameter and 59MM length

What's in the box?

  • Pulsar 510 DL Battery
  • Bottom Magnetic Connector
  • USB-C Charging Cable


  • 320mAh battery
  • 510 threaded connection
  • Variable voltage (3.0-3.8V)
  • Sleek and discreet
  • Fully breath controlled
  • Button-free pre-heat & voltage changes
  • Concealed cartridge port
  • USB-C charging
  • Multiple color options available