Pulsar Batteries - Duplo


Experience double the firepower with DuploCart.

The Pulsar DuploCart is a thick oil vaporizer with optimized functionality that offers twice the puff potency! This variable voltage unit has 4 heat settings to choose from to cater to your cloud and flavor preferences, with a bonus 15 second pre-heat function for a quick way to supercharge your carts. This versatile vape also has unique features like a magnetic magazine cartridge loading system and the ability to fire your carts independently for longer seshes or simultaneously for larger hits.

The DuploCart accommodates multiple cartridge volumes including 0.5ml and 1.0ml. Maximum cartridge diameter is 11.7mm. Accepts carts with any mouthpiece tip shape (duckbill, barrel, bullet, etc).


  • Dual cart thick oil vape
  • Variable voltage heat settings
  • LED light heat level indicator
  • 15 second pre-heat function
  • Activate carts independently or simultaneously
  • Magnetic cartridge loading system
  • Product level viewing window
  • Battery capacity: 650mAh
  • Voltage settings: Green (low) - 2.8V, Blue - 3.2V, Yellow - 3.7V, Red (high)- 4.2V

Note: Cartridges are not included