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Silverton Large Stash Bag


The hard shell Silverton case is our most popular case. The ultimate “thoughtful, secure, discreet" storage system.

Built-in 3-digit programmable combination lock.

Mini-Dividers are lined with the Discreet-O-Matic (activated carbon fiber) fabric that absorbs odors. The dividers can be replaced  (over time the odor absorption will diminish and new dividers can be purchased - much better than having to buy a whole new stash bag).

All dividers can be removed or infinitely adjusted.

"Silver lining" (foil liner) and rubber gaskets aid in trapping any aromas inside.

Dividers use the Discreet-O-Matic fabric to absorb aromas (dividers can be regenerated with a hair dryer)

Large internal zippered mesh pocket.  

Tool Pocket with metal poker tool.

Linen exterior fabric - keeps exterior looking nice.

Water/Odor resistant zipper.

Rugged handle.

Patent US D777,437 S Large: OD 11" L x 9 3/4" W x 5" H